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To screen, or not to screen? That is the question.  When preparing to host a research project, there are a few steps one might take. Be it creating and/or identifying personas, defining demographics, or even setting research goals. But, in many cases, adding screener questions is a step that is often overlooked. One could argue …
Some months ago we conducted a Thinker Poll in which methinks Thinkers answered a survey about their concerns in relation to COVID-19. Thinkers were mostly worried about job security, a family member catching the virus, and the economic outlook. Click here to see more detailed results about this poll. Five months have passed since we …
It’s not difficult to understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation within a company but, when conducting market research the ideation of working and collaborating as a team is easier said than done. Depending on the complexity of the study you are hosting, issues such as sharing notes, video clips, highlights and other much needed …

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We worked with industry experts to create a White Paper focused on the key issues to consider when choosing research products and solutions. Check it out!

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