How Can You Continue to Support Employees Amidst Coronavirus?

Some months ago we conducted a Thinker Poll in which methinks Thinkers answered a survey about their concerns in relation to COVID-19. Thinkers were mostly worried about job security, a family member catching the virus, and the economic outlook. Click here to see more detailed results about this poll.

Five months have passed since we posted this survey on the methinks app for Thinkers to voice out their opinions. So, we’ve decided to host another research project with our Thinkers, to
understand what has changed in the last months and how this pandemic is affecting our community from within.

Wearing a mask at the workplace has now become a basic safety measure.

Although concerns about catching COVID-19 are still high, working remotely has become the new ‘normal’, as have safety measures in the workplace for those who have to work on-site. But, some of the most interesting findings are related to employer support, be it in a remote or in-person capacity. Employees expressed a higher satisfaction level with organizations which offered support when transitioning to remote work. On-site workers felt more comfortable with the organizations which also started offering protective gear such as masks, sanitizers, and gloves, besides only following security measure protocols.

To read more about our findings, check out our blog post How American Workers Truly Feel About COVID-19 and What Can Your Organization Do to Support the Transition to Our “New Normal”?.

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