To screen, or not to screen? That is the question.

To screen, or not to screen? That is the question. 

When preparing to host a research project, there are a few steps one might take. Be it creating and/or identifying personas, defining demographics, or even setting research goals. But, in many cases, adding screener questions is a step that is often overlooked.

One could argue that getting results quickly is the most important thing. However, what happens when representation, time, and costs are equally important? Our answer is screener questions.

It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting external participants like we offer at methinks (our Thinkers), or if you are hosting a project with your own users, creating screener questions will certainly help you identify participants who will be the best fit for a specific project, and provide you the best insights. Recruiting can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but with screeners, you automatically filter out participants that don’t fit, or that would not provide you with thorough insights.

With that in mind, methinks just released a new feature that allows researchers to screen their own users. Before, the screener feature was limited to projects that recruit from our Thinker pool. This new feature enables the functionality for projects that recruit from your own users. With added features such as auto-invitation and filters, researchers can easily organize and find the best applicants, gaining total control over the recruiting process.

To learn more about the importance of screeners and other research project milestones, check out our latest blog posts.

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