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Live Sports Fans Share Insights on Spectator Life During and After COVID-19

methinks conducted a public opinion poll and video interviews with live sports fans to gain participants insights about spectator life during and after COVID-19. Click to learn more about our Thinkers insights! 

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Zoom Usability for US Seniors

Research background Senior Americans over the age of 65 are severely underrepresented in technology and modern information. For instance, around a third of internet users over the age of 65 describe themselves as ‘little or not at all confident’ in their ability to use computers, smartphones, or other devices to do necessary online activities [1]. With these seniors representing nearly 16% of America’s population and more citizens joining this age bracket, the situation is becoming more worrisome. As community centers and family visits remain restricted due to the pandemic, more and more seniors are having to rely on video calls

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Official Release: Introducing the methinks App Insights SDK!

Say hello to App Insights: the quickest way to analyze in-app user flow and gather mobile feedback. With methinks’ new App Insights dashboard and SDK, you can track your app user journeys, create event-triggered in-app surveys, live intercepts*, and store review prompts*. All with a simple 10-minute setup. But, What is an SDK? For those unfamiliar with SDKs, don’t worry, it’s much less complicated than it sounds. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. An SDK is a downloadable, installable software package that includes the tools needed to enhance and build a platform. In the case of the methinks App Insights,

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How to gain actionable insights with In-App Surveys, Live Intercept, and User Journey

Regardless of market placement, level of brand awareness, and product quality, constantly learning about your target audiences and how they engage with your business is the key to reaching new levels of business development success.   Whether you’re in the field of finance, real estate, gaming, E-commerce, entertainment, lifestyle, or even education, your business likely has an app. There’s a reason why 10 years ago Apple trademarked the slogan “There’s an app for that”. Having your own app, even if you’re a small business, helps you to directly connect with customers, increase brand awareness, captivate new audiences, and so much more.

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Leveraging Your Screener Questions to Find the Best Participants

Every researcher can agree that recruitment is a critical part of the research process. When done incorrectly, valuable time and resources get wasted on recruiting participants who do not fit your target market. Further, conducting research on the wrong participants can result in an inaccurate understanding of your real target market. So, how do we recruit the right participants? Many parts of the recruitment process, such as initial screening, applicant sorting, and selection, warrant special attention to ensure that your participants are perfect for your project. In this post, we focus on initial screening via screener questions. Sort the Wheat

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How American Workers Truly Feel About COVID-19 and What Can Your Organization Do to Support the Transition to Our “New Normal”?

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in modern times. The coronavirus impact in our world has changed life as we know it, for the worse but also for the better. In order to move forward and adapt, it’s vital that we understand exactly what our challenges are and how to overcome them.  Thankfully, methinks is in the business of figuring out the 3 w’s: the who, the what and the why. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we also wanted our Thinkers to voice out their concerns, so that we can understand

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5 Essential Capabilities of a Market Research Tool

How to ensure getting customer insights that move projects forward — instead of investing in a tool that holds you back? With time, energy, and thousands of dollars on the line, you can’t afford to invest in a research platform that doesn’t produce results. Here are five essential capabilities qualitative researchers should expect from their platform: Frictionless video experiences Let’s not beat around the bush: if your research service doesn’t have video capabilities, it’s falling behind (and so is your research). But even if it does, how can you know they’re right for your research projects? The problem with video’s

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