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Live Sports Fans Share Insights on Spectator Life During and After COVID-19

methinks conducted a public opinion poll and video interviews with live sports fans to gain participants insights about spectator life during and after COVID-19. Click to learn more about our Thinkers insights! 

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Some of methinks’s existing customers include streaming media and games companies that need to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the overall entertainment industry. Live sports marketing and advertising dollars — tickets, broadcasts, memorabilia, tourism and travel — have impacted the media industry, significantly, because the events and content have been discontinued, with little hope …
At methinks, our business has been witness to the global impacts of COVID-19 even before the virus arrived in the US. Our offices in Korea were closed weeks before our Silicon Valley offices and, even as shelter in place took effect in the US, we polled methinks Thinkers to understand American concerns at the height of …
The following is a short Q&A between methinks’s CEO, Aaron Burcell (AB), and Tractor Studios’s Steve Huber (SH), the full-service design agency’s founder and mainstay. Based in San Francisco, Tractor has worked with startups, tech giants, award-winning entertainment and San Francisco institutions alike for over 20 years. Tractor is perhaps best known for developing the brand identity …
Conducting DIY research can be daunting, particularly when you don’t know where to start. Every week, hundreds of newly-formed businesses seek out customer insights for the first time. And, in many of those instances, the person creating the research projects is an expert in product, marketing or engineering, and while they know what they want …
Between the end of March and the beginning of April, we polled over 400 users on their concerns regarding COVID-19. A brief overview of the results can be found at our Thinker Poll Page. Below, we describe the results in greater detail. But, first, here is the distribution of our sample by age bracket: a. …
There’s only so much news one can take right now. Cable, online, print — the news is all about COVID-19. And, with all of our time at home, there’s an increasing need for welcome distractions. This weekend, I turned to my favorite recommendations app — Q — created by a recent methink customer, Porch Games, …

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We worked with industry experts to create a White Paper focused on the key issues to consider when choosing research products and solutions. Check it out!

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