Video Editing Tools: Uncomplicated Team Sharing!

It’s not difficult to understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation within a company but, when conducting market research the ideation of working and collaborating as a team is easier said than done. Depending on the complexity of the study you are hosting, issues such as sharing notes, video clips, highlights and other much needed research assets can become quite cumbersome. 

One software feature that can simplify sharing participants’ insights within a team and that is often overlooked is an embedded video editing tool. This feature was a much-appreciated update to the methinks dashboard, released a few months ago. We are excited to give you a quick overview of this awesome tool in this new format of methinks newsletters – Quick Bits.

1. Video Interviews Review 

Once you finish your video interviews with your project participants, you can review all of your interviews under “Interview Recordings” on your methinks dashboard. Team members that you have invited to this project can also review video interviews. 

2. Easy Video Editing

Although our video player makes it easy to navigate through the video timeline, it’s more effective to share with your teammates the important parts of the video interviews that really make a difference. 
By selecting “start clipping” and “stop clipping” located under the video timeline you can easily select portions of your video interview and create countless video clips.

3. Team Sharing

Team members that have been invited to your methinks research project can then watch all of the clips you create under “Video Clips” or you can also choose to download the clips and share the mp4 with them instead. 

4. Merging Video Clips

methinks also makes it possible for you to create many video clips and merge as many as you want into one or more files. For example: if you have parts of your participant interview that you believe are worth sharing with your design team and other parts with important feedback to your product team, you can simply create clips with insights that are important to each team separately and merge them together to create unique clips with design and product feedback.  This way each team can focus and review information that is important to them, without needing to watch complete interview sessions while looking for relevant team insights. 

5. After the Interview

In the “Interview Recordings” section of your dashboard you can also add interview summaries, notes, review annotations and download a text transcript of the interview.

On the right side of the screen, highlighted in yellow is where you can add interview summaries, notes, review annotations and download text transcripts. 

Just like market research, team collaborations don’t need to be complicated. That is why choosing a research platform that gives you flexibility and offers all-in-one features is almost as important as the research project itself. 

For more insights on how to choose a market research platform to help you focus on your research project rather than the logistics of it, check out our latest blog posts.

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