Say hello to App Insights: the quickest way to analyze in-app user flow and gather mobile feedback.

With methinks’ new App Insights dashboard and SDK, you can track your app user journeys, create event-triggered in-app surveys, live intercepts*, and store review prompts*. All with a simple 10-minute setup.

But, What is an SDK?

For those unfamiliar with SDKs, don’t worry, it’s much less complicated than it sounds. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. An SDK is a downloadable, installable software package that includes the tools needed to enhance and build a platform. In the case of the methinks App Insights, methinks provides you with the App Insights SDK and the web dashboard so that you can track user journeys, create custom event-triggered surveys, and (if needed) intercept users in real-time. 

App Insights: How it Works 

To start, implement the App Insights SDK in your App (it takes less than 10 minutes!). As soon as your users start using your app with the methinks App Insights SDK implemented, your users’ journey will be automatically captured in the form of screenshots and be available to track and analyze in the methinks App Insights dashboard.

methinks App Insights Dashboard


What’s new in the methinks dashboard?

If you used methinks in the past, you know that you can host research projects, 1-on-1 and focus group video interviews, app tests, and more by using the General Dashboard. The difference is that now methinks is working to support you with even more sets of tools that you might need when hosting a research project, testing an app (Mobile UX Dashboard), or in the case of App Insights, enabling you to track user journeys and create in-app surveys in your app. 

The great news is that you can access all 3 dashboards anytime, in one place.

methinks Dashboard Menus


App Insights Highlights:

  • Review and analyze user journeys with high definition screenshots
methinks App Insights Dashboard: View and Analyze User journeys in High Definition

  • Easily create custom in-app surveys using branching logic and a variety of question types

methinks App Insights Dashboard: In-App Survey Questions Builder

  • Schedule and distribute surveys with custom target criteria

methinks App Insights Dashboard: In-App SurveyTargeting Criteria

  • Set surveys to be triggered by in-app events
  • Identify churn points 
  • Intercept users at the right time to collect key information

methinks App Insights Dashboard: In-App Survey and Store Prompts
    • Set event-triggered prompts to encourage users to leave positive ratings and reviews in the app store

What Makes App Insights Better

✓ Quick 10-minute integration: methinks App Insights starts collecting data automatically and presents you with actionable insights, directly on the App Insights dashboard! No expert help necessary.

✓ Customizable and event-triggered surveys: send surveys to all your users, automatically, at the right time.

✓ Target criteria: schedule and distribute in-app surveys only to targeted users that will provide you with key insights. Set sampling, numbers of responses, and other preferences as needed.

✓ Live intercept*: Collect your users’ contact information via event-triggered prompts and connect with them 1-on-1.

✓ Store review prompt*: trigger store review prompts at crucial moments to collect feedback and encourage users to rate your app. 

Key Features

Journey Tracking Once the App Insights SDK is implemented in your app, your user’s journey will be automatically captured and the user metrics will be instantly available in the methinks dashboard:
methinks App Insights Dashboard: In-App Survey and Store Prompts

You can find and view specific users’ journeys by first specifying search criteria. After adding the filters that fit your search needs, you will be presented with a list of users who meet the filter requirements. By selecting a user, you will be able to review and analyze details such as device type and ID number, screen view, session count, and total session time. You will also find details about the user’s most visited and the longest visited views. 

methinks App Insights Dashboard: Journey Details

This feature is vital for businesses to understand how users are using their app. By analyzing and tracking the user’s journey you will be able to:

✓ Identify churns

✓ Understand the user journey

✓ Implement actionable insights to improve the UX

✓ Identify target users for in-depth follow-up (via in-app surveys and live intercepts)

Besides being able to search for users based on their user journey in your app, you can also set a custom name for the automatically recorded views that may have names that are hard to read.

methinks App Insights Dashboard: Rename View

You can learn more about all of the Journey Tracking settings and how to use this powerful tool by reading our Help Guide Journey Tracking article.

In-App Surveys
In your methinks App Insights dashboard, you can now create in-app surveys and set them up to be triggered at key moments. By doing that you ensure that you gather key insights without interrupting the user, and ask the right answers to the right users with the help of our targeting tool. Much like Journey Tracking, our In-App Surveys tool is very quick and easy to use. You can create in-app surveys with our surveys builder and gather responses from your users right away, with no delays.

methinks App Insights Dashboard: Create Custom In-App Survey Questions

You can customize the in-app survey questions by choosing from 8 different question types (intro, multiple-choice, checkboxes, long paragraph, scale opinion, scale smiley, scale likert, and outro). Through the in-app survey builder, you can also categorize questions within sections and add “after section” actions:

methinks App Insights Dashboard: Add After Section Actions

As soon as you launch your in-app surveys, users will start answering and you can view their responses instantly on the dashboard. If you click on a survey response you are also able to view which devices/users selected which survey answers.

methinks App Insights Dashboard: Survey Responses
  • You can download the response’s raw data anytime! Learn more about our in-app survey tools and how to use them step-by-step in our Help Guide.

Add Team Members
Like all of methinks products, you can add team members to your methinks projects/apps anytime! Simply add their email and invite them to the App Insights App.
methinks App Insights Dashboard: Add Team Members

Upon confirming the invitation, your teammates will be able to access the App metrics details, review user journey tracking, and depending on the role that you choose (project member/project admin) they will also be able to create and launch targeted in-app surveys.

The methinks Difference

Working cross-functionally with different teams is rewarding, but having to actively spend time looking for the correct set of tools, coordinating software installations and the correct setup can kill valuable time. Instead, we help you focus on what matters the most: obtaining feedback from the very people who use your app every day, your users. 

Besides, it’s free! Start analyzing your users’ journeys and collecting feedback now for free with our Free plan. Upgrade to Premium if you need more, or contact us for a customized plan best suited for you! Learn more about methinks App Insights and start creating in-app surveys now, for free!

*Coming soon.

Alyne Daus

Aly is a marketer who works as the Digital Content Producer at methinks, where Aly leverages her diverse marketing experience to create and produce content that makes a difference on how customers interact with our product. 

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