Hello, readers of methinks! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these trying times.

My name is Candise, and I’m the newly hired researcher here at methinks.

Prior to joining the team, I worked for the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps node at MIT and conducted UX research at Harvard University, where I also received an interdisciplinary master’s degree in neuroscience and statistics. You wouldn’t guess by looking at me, but around the age of 15, I left the humble village in which my immigrant grandparents raised me to embark on a journey as a first-generation college student.

As a researcher, I know how important, and how difficult, it is to understand your users. I joined methinks because of my belief in its core technology: recruiting individuals to talk with is an easy, streamlined process via its base of “thinkers,” and tools and capabilities such as video interviews, playtests, recordings, notes, chat, and more, are all seamlessly integrated into the app. Thus, I can focus more on understanding my targets and less on the logistics.

On a personal note, I encourage all who read this to consider making “understanding” a priority, both in and out of work. Growing up, understanding was always something I wished there was more of, and I know I am not alone. And as the new researcher at methinks, I hope everyone who has the opportunity to use our platform for business relishes the insights gained from our wonderful thinkers.

Candise Larry

Candise is a UX researcher who has experience working for the National Science Foundation, MIT, Harvard University, and veteran game developers! Her previous work includes research on augmented reality (AR) in technology education, video game UX research, and quantitative analyses in school settings. Candise studied neuroscience and statistics at Harvard university, secondary mathematics education at Johns Hopkins University, and biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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