Applying for research gigs, online surveys and side hustles can be quite complicated. But, not with methinks. To show you how easy it is to become a Thinker and apply to a gig, we created this short video.

Why does it have to be hard?

Truthfully, it doesn’t. But, we advise Thinkers to have patience. Here are the major issues in replying to qualitative research gigs in general: 

  1. Most researchers are not UX experts. They might ask you to complete multiple research screener surveys before creating an app test or request that you apply for a subsequent interview. Have patience — the order of operations might not be the best, but that’s the kind of feedback that they’re looking for, so bear with the researchers. 
  2. Survey questions are going to be similar or even redundant. I know. It’s almost like the researcher didn’t read the gig before they posted. Have some patience. 
  3. Nomenclature is specific and frequently confusing. The average person doesn’t know what a “Stimulus” or “ScreenCap” is, but those are words you’ll typically find in research surveys and app tests. 
  4. App installs, registration and account verifications. These are a part of the pain of UX, usability and app tests. In some cases, a methinks customer will let us deliver the application and onboarding, or a researcher will screen-share the app with you via their phone or desktop. But, for the most part, you’re going to have to download or install an app, which means you’ll likely need to login to AppStore or PlayStore and then install the app. And, if you need parental permissions, you’ll need to request those too. If you have to reset your password, you’ll need to dig in your email or recall the answer to your challenge question. And, then you have to create an account, and, sometimes, you’ll need to bounce back to your email to verify the account before proceeding. It can be kludgy and cumbersome — make sure to share that with your researchers. 

Pro-Tips specific to methinks: 

  1. Before you’re a registered Thinker, when you see a new Thinker gig posted in social channels, you have to download the app, create an account and profile. Pro-Tip: Make note of your gig and title that you want to apply to, so that you can find it quickly after the install and registration. 
  2. The methinks Search feature results are precise, so if you don’t remember the gig exactly, or write it down, it might be hard to find using the search function. 
  3. The gigs aren’t listed in chronological order, so if you’re applying for a new gig, some scrolling may be needed in order to find the gig for which you want to apply.
  4. Create an account ahead of time, so that you can just reply to any gig notification, and the app will bring you directly to the paid gig or you can find it by clicking on the “Paid Gigs” icon at the bottom of your phone screen when the app opens. 

The fundamental upside in being a methinks Thinker is that you get more money for the time you invest answering general consumer questions, testing applications, sharing candid feedback on UX and design issues. 

Interested in becoming a Thinker and sharing your insights with researchers?

Visit the AppStore or Google Play and install the methinks app now, create your account and fill out your profile so that you can apply to gigs right when you receive push notifications.

Aaron Burcell

Aaron is the CEO of methinks. He has held executive positions at youth-oriented games and media companies in the past, and has won marketing awards and honors for his campaigns in mobile games and media. He is a graduate of Stanford, with a degree in political science.

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