Radish Fiction is a mobile storytelling platform specializing in mobile discovery and distribution of serialized content from authors all around the world. Radish engaged methinks in April 2018, seeking to better understand their users’ reading habits and discover innovative ways to attract new readers and keep existing app users. 

Radish’s Growth and Product Managers wanted feedback on its first-ever UX, and used the methinks platform and “Thinker” community to quickly identify key enhancements. Radish continued working with methinks to help discover retention-focused changes for new readers, beyond the onboarding process. 

“To build a valuable business, we have to know our customers at a deeper level. We have to model and explore personas in order to engineer the serendipitous moments where a reader discovers new titles when they are receptive to starting another read — the fiction audience isn’t monolithic, readers don’t enjoy content in the same ways; they may find an author they really like, get half-way through a novel and start reading other works from that same author, even as they continue to progress through their first discovery from that author — knowing that, understanding how people read is critical to building a best-in-class content discovery engine and cultivating brand loyalty,” said Taylor Carlson, VP of Growth & Strategy.

Radish Fiction

Radish used methinks to create a “gig,” and then filtered, scheduled, and completed a face-to-face video chat interview within an hour which means securing customer insights via methinks doesn’t hold up product development and marketing planning. Like other methinks customers, Radish is never left thinking: I wonder what our readers will think about this? A greater understanding of their customers at that “deeper level” helped Radish augment its content discovery engine and improve loyalty. Radish continues to use methinks in 2020, gaining more consumer insights for continued user growth and market expansion. 

Radish has grown significantly, receiving funding from best-selling authors, such as Amy Tan, and top-tier Silicon Valley Venture firms, such as GreyLock Capital. Radish’s research needs have grown, and methinks has continued to help Radish, expanding from platform utility to consultative work more typical of methinks enterprise customers, media and software.

Find out more about how Radish Fiction used methinks to learn more about their customers and how to keep them, and see the full business impact of their work with us. Download and read the case study here.

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