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Live Sports Fans Share Insights on Spectator Life During and After COVID-19

methinks conducted a public opinion poll and video interviews with live sports fans to gain participants insights about spectator life during and after COVID-19. Click to learn more about our Thinkers insights! 

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Applying for research gigs, online surveys and side hustles can be quite complicated. But, not with methinks. To show you how easy it is to become a Thinker and apply …

On-demand participants are at the core of qualitative research, and at methinks, we feel the same way. Besides participating in important research projects, one-on-one video interviews, focus groups, app tests …

 It’s 2020 and Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada have already voiced their opinions on who should be the next Democratic nominee. And, while the GOP’s nominee is a foregone conclusion, …

When a prospective methinks customer recently asked Aditi for the three features researchers most recommend, she quickly provided these answers that were received very well. So, we turned her answers …

An easy way to remember the difference between quantitative and qualitative research is to look at them as forms of storytelling. Quantitative research will give you a high-level view of your subject, a high-level answer to your question. Qualitative research will enable you to zoom in and identify the details in between that are responsible for the outcome, a more detailed explanation of why things happened the way they did. The combination of both types in a research project, if applicable, often produces the most powerful conclusions. 

Definitions differ depending on your experience and exposure, but the consensus is that quantitative research can tell you what is happening, while qualitative can help explain why it is happening. Helping customers identify and analyze the "why" is what methinks specializes in and is always working toward. 

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