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Live Sports Fans Share Insights on Spectator Life During and After COVID-19

methinks conducted a public opinion poll and video interviews with live sports fans to gain participants insights about spectator life during and after COVID-19. Click to learn more about our Thinkers insights! 

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There’s only so much news one can take right now. Cable, online, print — the news is all about COVID-19. And, with all of our time at home, there’s an …
Hello, readers of methinks! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these trying times. My name is Candise, and I’m the newly hired researcher here at methinks. …
At methinks, our customers include media companies, ad networks, streaming platforms, over-the-top (OTT) apps and other entertainment companies. Our Thinker base is largely based in the US, and numbering in …
Applying for research gigs, online surveys and side hustles can be quite complicated. But, not with methinks. To show you how easy it is to become a Thinker and apply …
On-demand participants are at the core of qualitative research, and at methinks, we feel the same way. Besides participating in important research projects, one-on-one video interviews, focus groups, app tests …
 It’s 2020 and Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada have already voiced their opinions on who should be the next Democratic nominee. And, while the GOP’s nominee is a foregone conclusion, …

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